In the aspect of "developing school characteristics", the characteristic development direction of "creating cross-domain integration of Triple S smart technology multi-application talents" is proposed. In 107 years, a teacher community has been integrated to cultivate seed teachers. Boya has opened a course of "Smart Technology and Internet of Things Application", with a total of 11 classes/409 students/146 applied works; the three colleges promote "Smart Technology Innovation Application" related micro courses, 35.09%, 36.93%, and 38.29% of the college students participated in the study, all of which have exceeded the set target value; 2,754 professional certificates have been obtained in conjunction with the courses, and works related to the multiple applications of smart technology have won 64 awards in domestic and foreign competitions.


    In the aspect of "implementing teaching innovation and improving teaching quality", we start from the aspects of "teaching characteristics", "teaching innovation" and "teaching quality". In terms of "teaching characteristics", each department has referred to UCAN's functions to construct the "department cultivation characteristics" of "one department positioning, one key talent cultivation" in-depth link between industry and education, and hired 692 professional teachers to assist 555 collaborative teaching courses, 110 The certificate acquisition rate of senior graduates in the academic year increased to 79.97%, and the completion rate of off-campus internships was 37.56%, of which the participation in semester/academic year internships increased to 95.69%; in the "international characteristics", the number of international students in 2010-108 was 457, affected by the epidemic Affected by the suspension of international study, the Chinese and cultural study camps will be held in other ways. The international study will be restarted in 2011, and 6 people will be selected to study in the double-education system in Japan. 12 people will study abroad for a long time. Chinese language testing, held 6 multicultural International Day activities, showing exotic food, clothing and traditional cultural relics; in the "Xiuping value-added feature" that cultivates the soft power of students' teamwork through exploration education, 105% of freshman class 105 participated, opened 30 courses, 1,023 students choose to read, 263 teams/630 people participated in the Shuping 100-second challenge activity, cross-school service, a total of 82 challenge camps, 21 high school vocational schools, 14 companies, a total of 859 off-campus students and people participated , and go to the USR field to handle activities.

In the aspect of "teaching innovation", through the operation of teachers' community and the design of teaching activities, students' basic abilities in Chinese and English are cultivated. Topics, promote "dual-domain + two-way" innovative teaching, 34 related courses in 110 years, 1,188 students attended; "Building a cross-domain learning environment", a total of 311 micro-credit unit courses were opened to open cross-domain learning in 2010-111; Teachers from 45 teacher-student communities lead students in in-depth learning in a master-apprentice manner. In terms of "teaching quality", the school's teaching quality assurance mechanism has been implemented. In the 110-2 semester, 88.97% of the early-warning students' performance improved after receiving counseling. In the 110-2 semester, 97.69% of the school's teachers' teaching evaluations were higher than 4.0 points. The faculty ratio is 19.07, 82.9% are assistant professors or above, and 97.9% are teachers with industry experience or professional certificates.

     In the aspect of "enhancing the publicity of higher education", starting from the "counseling aspect" and "service aspect", in the aspect of student counseling, we care about the overall connection of students from freshman admission to graduation employment, and all departments of the school organize freshman enrollment enlightenment activities; 87.41% of economically disadvantaged students received financial or counseling assistance, and 458 students received relief bursaries, registration fees for examination licenses, and top-notch awards for competitions. Various counseling. In terms of community services, 14 associations, 13 departments to 68 communities/institutions provide multiple services, and the college's cross-field integration and local cooperation have organized 16 large-scale local creation activities. In terms of social services, a total of 5,509 news, information, dynamic posts, etc. were released through various channels and media, and the latest information about school running was made public; 8 departments passed the IEET international certification, and 7 departments passed the certification of the Taiwan Evaluation Committee to implement self-quality assurance; Assisted high school vocational schools with 67 collaborative teaching, special topic production, and certificate counseling courses, and conducted 515 observation and study sessions to allow friendly sharing of resources; and has completed a total of 74 school affairs research and analysis issues, providing relevant units for reference and review.

     In the face of "fulfilling social responsibility", the "Social Innovation Service Practice Base" was completed, and a total of 7 emerging, seed, germination, and deep-cultivation projects were implemented to increase partners, expand service fields, deepen service technologies, and serve The results won the first prize of the 2021 Foresight Magazine University Social Responsibility Local Inclusion Group, the 2021 TSSA Taiwan Sustainable Action Award Bronze Medal, the Best Theme Show Film Award at the USR Online Expo, and has assisted Waipu District to obtain 23.247 million yuan from the National Development Council Creation grants.

     In terms of the achievement of the overall goal, there are 13 major items/34 small items in the common performance quantitative indicators set by the Ministry of 2011, and 33 small items have reached or exceeded the target value, with an achievement rate of 97.06%; the number of student certificates is slightly lower than the target value (the achievement rate is 82.83 %), in fact, it is slightly lower due to the time difference between students obtaining certificates and filling in the school database; self-defined performance quantification indicators total 10 major items/18 sub-items, 17 sub-items achieved or exceeded the target value, and the achievement rate was 94.44%, and off-campus practice slightly Lower than the target value (achievement rate 93.9%), due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, the demand for corporate interns has decreased. All the qualitative index items stipulated by the Ministry are implemented stably according to the corresponding sub-plans.



Create cross-domain integration of Triple S smart technology and multiple application talents.

【A-1】College of Engineering:Smart manufaturing,creating a practial master in the application of Industry 4.0 technology.



【A-2】College of Management:Smart business, cultivate management elites in innovation, entrepreneurship and operation.


【A-3】College of Tourism and Creativity:Smart tourism, cultivate tourism industry talents with all-round capabilities and vision.


【B-1】Faculty cultivation characteristics:Employment-oriented, promote industry-university linkage functional couress.


【B-2】Inteernational featuress:Deepen diversified suitability and actively recruit foreign students.


【B-3】Hust value-added features:Explore education, cultivate character and self-confidence,team leaders, workplace soft power.


【C-1】General Education Innovation:Cultivate student's basic abilities and core qualities.


【C-2】Professional innovation: improve students' problem solving ability.


【C-3】Envirommental innovation:Support creative and innovative makers practical teaching.


【C-4】Cross-domain learning:Cultivate student's diversified abilities and maintain employment.


【D-1】Optimize teachers,Improve diversified teaching ability.

【D-2】Action teacher, digital course flipped teaching.

【D-3】Encourage teachers, diligently recruit and retain talents.

【D-4】Quality control examination,imlpementaion of teaching quality assurance mechanism.

【E-1】Student's happy integration,learning adaptation and employment connection.


【E-2】Inside the school:Perfect assistance for disdvantaged students and ensure that students can learn with peace of mind.

【E-3】Outside school:Altruism-based action practice, domestic and overseas promotion services.

【E-4】External:School information is transparent and open, and the learning environment is friendly and shared.

【E-5】Internally: to improve the quality of exemplary school running, and promote the optimization of school affairs.

【F-1】The school’s contribution to the real estate industry settlement.

【F-2】Establishing a University Social Responsibility Practice Base (I): Probing into and leading promotion of social responsibility issues.

【F-3】Establish a university social responsibility practice base (II): refine and deepen the practice of specific social responsibility issues.


【F-4】Establish a University Social Responsibility Practice Base (III): Sustainable development of the field, deep cultivation and continuation plan of the agricultural local creation system.